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Toro 22321 - Dingo TX 427 Skid Steer


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22321 - Dingo TX 427 Skid Steer


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USED Toro Dingo TX427 Narrow Track


Toro Dingo compact utility loaders possess the versatility to handle countless jobs on every site...dig, haul, plant and build. The TX 427 Narrow track design provides a low 5.1 psi ground pressure which is easy on turf. Designed with workers in mind, all of its power is harnessed in only 3 easy to use controls, which make it simple for any worker to step up and be productive immediately!

    Product Details
    • 27 hp Kohler® engine
    • Narrow Track Design
    • Versatile
    • Turf Friendly
    • Exclusive Track Drive: Kevlar reinforced tracks, designed specifically for the Toro Dingo TX to offer excellent traction and floatation even in the most difficult conditions. This means you can power through the toughest jobs and still be light on the turf.
    • Compact Size: Narrow enough so you can bring hydraulic power to tight areas; through doorways and gates previously accessible only by manual labor. Plus it provides zero radius turn capability for unmatched maneuverability.
    • Simple Controls: You're up and running in a flash with three easy-to-use controls. 1) The joystick loader control lets you curl, dump or float the bucket while simultaneously raising or lowering the loader arms - all with one hand. 2) With your other hand, you can grab the one-hand traction drive from any angle, for effortless control. 3) The third control, the auxiliary circuit control lever, which can be activiated while operating the traction drive, powers the attachments instantly.
    • Air-Cooled Gasoline Engine: A 20.1 kW (27 hp) Kohler® engine provides the necessary power to drive any one of the multitude of Toro attachments available for the Dingo TX.
    • 4-Pump Hydraulic System: 4-pump hydraulic system lets you simultaneously operate the loader arm, attachment, traction, and auxiliary drives for increased operator efficiency. This system directs hydraulic power precisely where you need it!
    • Hydraulic Power: The Dingo TX 427 models' auxiliary hydraulic performance makes the most challenging ground conditions irrelevant by pumpimg 19 hp to the attachment. Four independent hydraulic pumps deliver: 63.9 lpm (16.9 gpm) of flow to each track 43.1 lpm (11.4 gpm) to the auxiliary 22.7 lpm (6 gpm) to the loader arm
    • Aggressive Tread Tracks: Make those difficult job site conditions easier to maneuver with this aggressive track option.
    • Ride-On Platform: Quickly and easily bolted on to any Toro Dingo TX model (except TX 413), this ride-on platform helps minimize operator fatigue - especially in applications requiring a lot of hauling and covering substantial distances.
    • Sun Shade: Blocks the sun while providing the operator with clear 360 visibility. For use with the Toro Dingo backhoe attachment.
    • Engine: 27 HP Kohler® Command PRO™
    • Cooling System: Air cooled
    • Hydraulic System: Pressure: 3000 psi system relief pressure
    • Flow: 11.4 gpm
    • Reservoir Capacity: 10.5 gal
    • Track: Kevler reinforced rubber
    • Track Width: 5.9 in.
    • Controls: Key, throttle, choke
    • Steering: Single control w/ ref. bar
    • Loader/ Hydraulic System: Joystick control for all functions
    • Ground Clearance: 4.6 in.
    • Overall Length: 92 in.
    • Overall Width: 33.7 in.
    • Overall Height: 46.1 in.
    • Hinge Pin Height: 65.8 in.
    • Ground Speed: 0-4.5pmh fwd, 1-2 rev.
    • Tip Capacity: 1530 lbs.
    • Rated Operating Capacity: 500 lbs.
    • Weight (with standard bucket): 2006 lbs.
    • Engine Warranty: Three Year
    • Product Warranty: One Year



    Engine Type
    27 HP Command PRO™
    Engine Manufacturer
    27 hp
    Fuel Capacity
    10.5 gal (40 l)


    SAE Rated Operating Capacity
    500 lbs. (227 kg)
    Max Ground Speed
    0-4.5 mph (0-7.24 kph) fwd, 1-2 rev.
    92 in. (2.3 m)
    33.7 in. (85.5 cm)
    46.1 in. (1.17 m)
    2006 lbs. (910 kg)